Elissa Sursara

Now this one I love. She’s a 5 foot 3, curvy and cute Brazilian… everything. She’s done it all, child modeling, surf modeling, television hosting, television acting, film acting and she’s even sang the Brazilian national anthem for our Brazilian soccer team! She’s done some tasteful South American men’s magazines, she’s done international press and has been linked to a string of famous men. She’s Elissa Sursara!

The voluptuous virgin with the sea blue eyes and beautiful long black hair has been as famous as Jesus in Brazil since the age of four when she was signed to a child modeling agency. Quickly becoming the equivalent of a Brazilian Olsen Twin (without the weird fashion sense of course) Elissa became a household name and was featured in every print for every children’s clothing range available in South America. As the press in Brazil once put it, “Elissa had taken over.” Stepping away from the bubble-gum commercial model status, Elissa starred in a Pepsi commercial filmed in Australia and was hired to host a morning television show for children that showed cartoons and music videos in Sao Paulo. Following this, Elissa ppeared in various Portuguese and Spanish speaking soap-opera’s and Elissa begun to model swimwear, quickly becoming a teen and men’s favourite. In 2005 she was the most “googled” Brazilian celebrity. Elissa picked up the pace and was featured in US television before being sought after for three separate movie roles. After moving permanently to Australia at the age of 16, Elissa, who’s father suffered an illness, was “unsure of her future in entertainment” (according to her rep) and contemplated which direction in which to pursue her career. Choosing to study whilst making guest appearances on Brazilian television, Elissa remained in Australia with her ill father and family. At age 18, Elissa chose Australian citizenship after holding Dual Brazilian and Australian citizenship to be near her father and mother.

Most recently, Elissa, who spent much of the last two years as a spokesperson for Animal Rights has traveled the world with other celebrities to promote Animal Rights and released a statement through her representative that does have projects in the works, as rumors had suggested this.



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